Rosemarie SeuntiŽns, born in Bell town Asten, studied piano at the Academy of Music in Tilburg. At the Dutch Carillon School in Amersfoort she studied carillon with Arie Abbenes. At present Rosemarie is carillonneur of Asten, Eindhoven, Helmond, Oirschot, Roermond and Venray. These jobs are from a musical point of view very challenging and offer plenty of cultural options. Just read  some press releases.

In addition to many recitals in The Netherlands Rosemarie performed in Belgium, Germany, France, Ireland, Portugal and the Czech Republic. Furthermore she made several concert tours to the United States.

In 2011 Rosemarie was granted a chapter in the widely known method Muziek op Maat for high schools. This teaching module introduces students to the carillon and the cultural inheritance of this instrument by means of pictures, a questionnaire, and audio and video examples.


More  information about the carillons of Asten, Eindhoven, Helmond, Oirschot, Roermond and Venray.


Roaming Bells is a unique concert form which Rosemarie uses to perform with several companies like percussion groups, rock bands, mens chorus, soloist singers, brass ensembles and symphony orchestras and so on. When no live musicians are available an orchestra on tape can be used.

Roaming Bells offers the audience a varied programme with music from baroque to classic, from romantic to modern and from pop to house. With this programme Rosemarie tours with travelling carillon home and abroad. She is very successful with this music for young, and old and the audience is always pleasantly surprised and enthusiastic.

With the  travelling carillon Rosemarie brings the tower instrument carillon keyboard and bells closer to the audience. It is visually attractive because the audience can not only hear the carillonneur play but also watch her play.

Roaming Bells is extremely suitable for special Events, Festivals, Promanade concerts. With the Roaming Bells show and CD Rosemarie is very successfull at home as well as abroad.

Recent highlights:
  • Concert with the Lancaster Symphonic Orchestra Ohio USA (2008)
  • National Jamboree NL (2009)
  • Annual Christmas concert on the Old Square in Prague (Czech) (since 2011)
  • Concert for bells and electronic guitar with met guitarist Cor Mutsers (2010)
  • Concert in Asten with the Tilburg Symphonic Festival Orchestra (2011)
  • Concert for Queen Beatrix on the occasion of the opening of 'Museum Klok en Peel' Asten (2012)
  • New Roaming Bells Show because of Asten 800 years (2012)
  • Performance of 'Canto Ostinato' of Simeon ten Holt for travelling carillon and two pianos (2013)
  • Concert for Guitar & Percussion in Asten (2014)
  • Roaming Bells Concert for Vocals & Guitar in Oirschot (2015)